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Dr. Jinendra Jain

  • Dr. Jinendra Jain is a certified trainer in heal your life by Hay House (US). His journey started many years back when he was suffering from severe life threatening diseases. In spite of getting all the medication he found himself helpless. He was fighting for his subsist. These incidences encouraged him to take charge of his own health. He changed his daily regimen right from the way he eats to his physical activity and he witnessed a transformation within himself. He strongly believes that nature has cure to every problem. With the aim of establishing an academy where life is to be taught to serve humanity and mankind, the seed of Soul Temple had been sowed. With this noble persuasion, he studied naturopathy and became a certified trainer.

    He has three major beliefs:
    1. Medication is not the only cure
    2. What you get from life, give back to life
    3. You have immense power to tame temptation

    Till date he has organised numerous workshops to help declutter oneself by using six level detoxification process which has the potential to cure diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart ailments. He uses some conventional methods like sun yoga, astang yoga, hydrotherapy and power from pranic nourishment to name a few. When people ask him about his secret, he simply replies, detoxification of your soul helps to heal yourself and then you can be your own doctor. His motto is to create a healthy society where people not only look beautiful but stay beautiful.

    Apart from his professional life, he is actively involved in empowering women by creating jobs for them as he believes that a healthy woman can create a healthy society.

Programs by Dr. Jinendra Jain