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Angirra Chakravorty Dasgupta

Odissi Dancer, Certified Movement Therapist
  • Angirra Chakravorty Dasgupta, a master's degree holder in Bio-informatics and an Odissi dancer and a performing artist for the last 15 years, is a certified movement Therapist . She has a certification from Sanved affiliated under Tata Institute Of Social Sciences and from Rhythmosaic . She has also obtained a diploma in Counselling. Motivated by the Cathartic experience that happens while dancing. Angirra gave birth to "Healing Rhythm” with the sole passion to reach out to more and more people looking for an emotional release. It is programmed to break the barriers of hidden feelings and negative experiences.

    Her motto is to help people lead a life of high self esteem and self awareness through a process that activates the relationship between body motion and emotion. She believes in well-being and integrates other modalities of therapy in dance movement therapy to present a holistic therapy. Her therapy technique is designed to unleash the strength and energy within oneself. She teaches various relaxation techniques to fight daily stress. Her knowledge of human anatomy and physiology enriches her sessions.

    Angirra believes in the quote by W.M.Tory --- “ The dance is over, the applause subsided, but the joy and feeling will stay with you forever.”

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