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Sanj Hall

Gong Healer
  • Sanj Hall is a renowned name in the field of Gong Healing. His formal journey started about 25 years earlier, when Sanj started study in cognitive working Transaction analysis (TA), T-Group, Gestalt, NLP and Silva method. He was also working with body through martial arts, hiking and initiation into yogic based dynamic workouts. This evolved further to “feeling” and “intuitive” schools delving into realms of spiritual practices including Art of living, kriya yoga, gong yoga. He has learned from many masters, notably from Rinpoche Mingeur, Don Conreaux, Swami Prem Nirmal, Swami Chidanand Saraswati and Sadvi Abha Saraswati. He regularly works with Kundalini teachers, such as, Mehtab Benton, Gurumukh Kaur and local teachers in his community. Sanj has traveled over 80 countries with a divine “hukum” of spreading goodness of the gongs, sounds and positive vibrations to the world. He conducts gong baths, meditative concerts, sound healing and therapy sessions across Europe, Middle East and India and also teaches extensively to sound seekers and students. He spends a considerable time in ashrams and monasteries in India with yogis, deepening and widening his own practice in sound and nada yoga.

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