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Davide Swarup

Internationally acclaimed hang drum player and musician
  • Davide, the pioneer of hang drum since 2005, is an international acclaimed hang player. Davide Swarup, born in Italy, based in Goa considers himself as a citizen of our planet Gaïa.

    Two travels in India, in 2000 and in 2002, were the beginning of a new life for him. Slowly, he decided to become a musician. In March 2005, one of his friends introduced him to the Hang and he fell in love with the instrument. Mixing improvisation and meditation, he performs in tea houses, galleries, private parties, benefit parties, saunas, yoga classes and gives concerts worldwide.

    He collaborated with the multi-instrumentalist Avi Adir, from 2012 till 2015 and with Dewi Pechler. In March 2007 the independent label Samekh Records was created and his first Album “Music for Hang” released.

    Besides the solo concert, he currently collaborates with guitarist Erich Lehna and violinist Julien Moretto in “Arambolla”.

Programs by Davide Swarup