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Acharya Neeraj

  • Acharya Neeraj, known mononymously as Neeraj, is a motivational speaker, theater practitioner, and storyteller who has spent more than a decade studying philosophical and spiritual subjects that reflect the dynamism in learning and human spiritual values. For him teaching is learning again and again ….again and again …

    Acharya Neeraj has been contemplating spiritual and yogic strategies since 1996. Amid 20 long stretches of learning and educating, he has aced numerous elective mending systems which depend on the well established Indian train of Ayurveda, Yoga, meditation, and pranayama. He holds a Teacher Training Certification in Classical & Ashtanga Yoga (Maharshi Patanjali’s Eight Limbs) from the world oldest organized Yoga Ashram, India. It has been his cognizant mission to take a shot at Yogic Techniques, Subtle Yoga, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Naturopathy, Zen, BioDanza, Butoh, Expressive treatment, Self-Defense and Metaphysics of the Mind and body that trains how to oversee and lighten fears and psychosomatic sicknesses the usual way. It additionally clarifies further parts of the psyche, body and soul association that may give you some astonishing bits of knowledge. He has been highlighted in different distributions, for example, BBC, Zee TV, TOI Hindi and news country and numerous more.

    Acharya Neeraj often associates himself with the environment. Nature, for him, .has the cure for any disorder we may suffer from. Forest Bathing was an offshoot of this thought only. He emphasizes the modern tendency to choose WiFi over oxygen, and this becomes the root of all the stress and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Nature can heal and transform the individuals and ensure mental peace and stability.

    He made several other contributions to the ways of thing. He came up with ideas like Spiritual Ecosystem and Flexibility in Yogic Life. According to him, it is time for us to reassess our relationship with the earth so that we can collectively mitigate the vices within us and move towards a spiritual transformation.

     As an award-winning facilitator and Retreats Leader , he uses the timeless techniques of mentoring, collaboration, and performance. He Provides participants and practitioners with an opportunity to share stories because story-gathering are therapeutic activities for both themselves and the storytellers. Our mission is to inspire young people to discover the power of their own voice & Voice for Voiceless.

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