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Megha Kanera

  • Megha always had an inclination towards handwork, art and crafts. Her journey with Mandala Weaving started when her four years old son told his teacher that my parents don’t do any work. She soon realized that children that young don’t perceive the work we do in notebooks and computers as real work. Children between the age of 0-7 learn through imitation, and when they see adults around them engaged in real work it impacts their will to work. She started weaving mandalas, making dolls & toys, painting… actually making things with her hands during her time at home.
    She then found that weaving Mandalas had positive affect on her well being. This inspired her to learn from the master weaver ‘Julia Kazarina’ in 2015 and to share the empowering effects with others through Mandala weaving workshops.

Programs by Megha Kanera