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Nishant Sharma

  • Over the last 10 years I have worked with thousands of individuals offering them spiritual guidance, healing, coaching & training. I am blessed with a Scientific Mind to understand the spiritual abilitie. Some might call me "Psychic" but everyone is 'Psychic' to some extent, but Yes some individuals like me do take it seriously and refine the sensory skills. Being Intuitive Channel & Spiritual Medium allows me to interact and communicate with the Non-physical world & various dimensional realms all around us, which according to some of the most renowned scientists (like Stephan Hawking) covers 99% of the universe. Yes, you don't have to read it again :) the visible universe is only 1% of the entire cosmos. 

    I have also worked with some of the most prominent Doctors and Scientists around the globe as a Researcher in the field of Human Energy Field, ESP (Effective Sensory Perception), Psychic and Paranormal phenomenon & Energy medicine. My prime area of work is: Health & Wellness sector. I help them understand Energy Healing & concepts of Spirituality on a scientific level and how it Spirituality & Science converges into a Single subject at its core. 

    Being a regular columnist at the "Deccan Chronicle" newspaper, I suggest individuals about the therapeutic use of Crystals Healing. Currently I am writing a book on "Auric Healing- The Science of Healing" which integrates the scientific studies done on the field of energy medicine and healing".

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