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Kanika Gupta

  • Over the past 10 years, she has integrated in her sessions an emphasis on breathing, physical and mental well being, element of introspection as well as practical aspects of yoga and meditation.

    Kanika’s teaching style is firmly rooted in the classical styles of yoga and at the same time blending in the improvisations to suit different requirements. Whether it is flowing vinyasas or holding challenging asanas or relaxing stretches, her carefully designed classes and precise instructions gently encourages students to deepen their yoga practice. Proper form, focused breathing, spirit of introspection and self exploration are important aspects of her sessions. Kanika continues to learn and explore the path of yoga and wellbeing through different channels and modalities. Her interest in health and fitness led her to complete her advanced studies as a Health and Behaviour Modification Psychologist and has completed fitness courses from ACE, Pilates and Reebok. She is also conversant with alternative healings like Reiki, EFT, Thetaetc and actively combines them in her therapy sessions.

    Specialties :

    • Customized yoga: Sessions rooted in the classical styles of yoga and at the same time blending in the improvisations.
    • Yoga consultation and counselling: Designing customized yoga sessions / chart for an individual according to his/her needs and condition.
    • Therapist and healing: Conducting independent healing and counselling sessions using various modalities of healings like breath work, theta healing, reiki and eft addressing various physical, mental and emotional issues.
    Fitness and wellness counselling:

    Facilitating customized personal development and life skill workshops onsite and offsite based on the techniques and concepts from yoga, science, philosophy, applied psychology, health and behavioral sciences.

Programs by Kanika Gupta