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Neo Pachisia

  • Since 1992 and except for Pranic Healing, all of it has been in the USA or UK.  She started with Hypnotherapy in New York, Mythology, Psychological Jungian Astrology with Diplomas from two of the most prestigious astrology schools in the world, Adv. EFT, Shamanic Healing, Mediumship and over half a dozen other modalities which she’s virtually forgotten.  All this apart from attending dozens of international conferences and online courses. One of the most interesting of these courses was an almost 18 month long one on Alchemy and the Gospels following  and trying to emulate Jesus’s path as a Healer. For this she actually went on a pilgrimage to Israel and followed Jesus’ trail, including taking a dive in the river Jordan where JC was baptized.  But didn’t really work out in a miraculous kind of way :-)Now Neo lives mostly in England and partly in India, sees clients in person and via skype. 

    Her philosophy is: “Healing Happens, Deo Concedente —‘god willing.” 

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