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  • My spiritual awakening started in 2007  with Awakening series  like 'Awakening with Brahmakumaris', 'Sai kimahima', 'man kibaat' and 'New Age Parenting' . I take these years as the years of intense learning.

    In all aspects of our life,  we can experience personal power which starts from personal love and acceptance. The purpose of existence is sharing of energies and learning , unravelling of the life’s secrets.   When subconscious and the conscious are aligned with the Universal energies, we experience bliss.

    I am very fortunate in that I am able to receive information empathetically that I employ during the coaching sessions because it gets us to the root cause that may be holding us back much faster. Sometimes the "cure" can be as simple as identifying a blockage, understanding the underlying cause, and then releasing it. Or it can be a sudden realization of a past event that has been carried through multiple lifetimes. It's all about remembering who you are, your spiritual path and the reason why you chose to be here to participate in this pivotal moment in human history. Once you remember that, everything else will begin to make sense and effortlessly fall into place.

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