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Bindu Maira

  • A professional Crystal healer, Tarot reader and life coach for the last 15 years. Being an articulate communicator and a people's person she was a teacher, trainer and a consultant for many years. Her deep interest in all things mystical, spiritual and esoteric led to an extensive study on the subjects, which she found to be her true calling and gave herself up to them full time. Ever since, she has been helping and healing hundreds of clients from many countries with Tarot, Crystal healing, hypnotherapy empowerment workshops and Counseling.

    Bindu has featured on Radio and television shows on crystal healing and tarot. She has been conducting workshops, retreats on spirituality and empowerment. Bindu has given talks to corporate, Rotary clubs and international groups and has been quoted in leading print media over the last 15 years of her work.

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