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Monesha Aversare Badkar

Spiritual Life Coach, PLR Therapist, NLP Practitioner & Counselor, Image Consultant
  • Monesha Aversare Badkar is a Spiritual Life Coach, Image Consultant, Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) & Quantum Mind Energy Healing, an NLP practitioner & Counselor, Graphologist, Metaphor (Word & Art) therapist, Skills Trainer, Theta Energy Healing practitioner & Oracle Cards Reader & teacher, based in Mumbai.

    Her interest in the Mind, the way we think, function and an extensive work experience in the fashion industry brought her on this journey of a Life Coach practicing alternate therapies specializing in Past Life Regression Therapy & an Image Consultant.

    Workshops conducted by Moneesha on Past Life Regression Therapy have helped people understand and overcome the deep rooted memories/reasons/thoughts, behind the repeated patterns in situations they face, relationships they encounter, habits they form, stress they develop, physical ailments, material issues, acquired known and unknown fears etc. in their lives. The Goal of every workshop that she conducts is ‘I M Power’ for participants to become aware of their own power to help heal self and others.

    Some of the other workshops that Moneesha has been conducting include Grooming and Body Language, Communication Skills, Social and Business Etiquettes, Goal Setting, Time & Task Management, Life and Behavioral Skills Management, having successfully combined various Stress management techniques with integrated modalities including NLP, Metaphor therapy to achieve amazing results with clients. She also conduct one-on-one coaching on Image management and Life skills along with counselling sessions.

    At present, Moneesha is working on writing a book – Through My Eyes, where she brings together her experiences, as well as various people with whom she have worked over the years conducting Quantum Mind Energy Healing & Past Life Regression Therapy.                   

    In her own words: "Almost every modality that I experienced first and later studied, leads me to one understanding i.e. of the Subconscious Mind, its impact on us and our life. We have an ocean of wealth that is stored into our subconscious mind that is waiting to be explored and allowed to help heal ourselves."

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