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Manmeet Kumar

Psychic, Medium, Certified Akashic Record Healer
  • Manmeet is a Psychic, Medium, and a certified Akashic Record Healer. She has strong intuitive and healing abilities that have been further honed through her study and practice in Clairvoyance, Reiki, Pranic Healing and Past Life Reading.

    As a Psychic, she has worked with people to help them understand the various choices they have in future. A Psychic reading helps clients understand the interwoven paths of free will and destiny, and how people can make more informed choices as they move forward.

    Manmeet has always been intrigued by the connection between the soul, mind and body. Her strong sense and recollection of her own past lives as a child prompted her to study and practice this science extensively. She is gifted with the ability to read her client’s past lives.

    Through Akashic Records, she helps clients clear the choices their Souls have made through various lifetimes.

    Being a Psychic Medium, Manmeet can connect people to their loved ones, who are not on this plane any longer. This gift has touched many families across the world.

    As a Medical Medium, she can energetically see what is happening in the client’s body, and how these energy blockages may lead to dis-ease that may manifest on a physical level. Through her Healing work, she has brought about an awareness of Thoughts and Belief systems that affect our Health.

    Helping each client explore their potentialities, she also empowers them with knowledge and information that support them in their growth at all levels -be it financial, spiritual or emotional. She also helps people become aware of the karmic debts, blockages or patterns in their current life situation to help them overcome obstacles, and guide them in finding their true life purpose and goals.

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