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Dr. B.K. Chandrashekhar

  • Dr. BK Chandrasekhar is a Guinness record, Asia book of records , India book of records holder. He was suffering from cancer, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis C. He cured himself and has helped over 10000 people worldwide with over 4000 seminars done at national and international level. You can compare his two photographs given above to believe the miracle of power of third eye.

    He has rediscovered the missing dimension of “Medical Science & Psychology” and propounded a new theory of healing & cure. He introduced a new subject “Psycho Neurobics” as a healing science globally as the best tool to be practiced with Rajyoga for complete healing of incurable diseases. He first applied this new methodology on himself and got cured from life threatening diseases in his life. He invented the New Science of Healing known as SIGFA HEALING THROUGH PSYCHO NEUROBICS. Currently, he is the President of SIGFA Solutions and Chairman of SIGFA College of Psycho Neurobics & Yoga research Centre at Camp Himalayan, Banjar Valley, Gushani, Dist. – Kullu, Himachal Pradesh.

    He is a Raj Yogi and faculty member of Raj yoga Education and Research foundation (New Delhi). He is a spiritual healer and Member of Healing International, South Wales (United Kingdom). He is an inspirational author and alumnus of three university - Punjab University (Chandigarh), Annamallai University (Chidambaram) and Tamil Nadu Physical & Sports University (Chennai).

    He is the winner of ‘Sunrise Peace Mission Award - 2008’ of Nagpur for his contribution in public health service through ‘Psycho Neurobics & Raj yoga’.

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