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The Stars in Your Grasp

School & College with
Enables kids to face any emotional, physical or mental challenge

Does your child show any of the following:

  • Unable to concentrate in class 
  • loses focus quickly
  • Is unhappy and withdrawn.
  • Is aggressive without reason.
  • Panics before exams
  • Is not able to express him/herself.
  • Is not confident.

The module covers the following:

  • Understanding our selves.
  • Creative visualisation.
  • Relaxation exercises.
  • EFT tapping.


  • Enables kids to face any emotional, physical or mental challenge.
  • Follow up sessions.
  • Personalised counselling available if needed.

Days: 5 day workshop. (two hours per day.)

In this fun filled and interactive module your child will learn:

  • A simple, fun format to inculcate stillness: an introduction to meditation that will de-stress, calm and improve mental faculties
  • EFT (Emotional freedom Techniques)  a miraculous, radical tool that works in minutes to help him/her manage emotions, mood swings, anger, lack of focus etc and to heal physical pain and discomfort.
  • A visualization tool to achieve her true potential.
Help your child feel he/she is “in charge”. Give them the tools they need to hold the  stars in their grasp and be above the world. And stay there!

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