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Possible Selves

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A Workshop for teenagers to explore their inner potential


The term “Possible Selves” by itself does not need any explanation, it is all the selves that we possibly can be.Hazel Markus, professor of psychology at Stanford University, coined the term “Possible Selves.” Markus defined possible selves as, “the ideal selves that we would very much like to become. They are also the selves we could become and the selves we are afraid of becoming” (Markus & Nurius, 1986, p. 954). In the Simplest words we want to become the ideal self we see ourselves but without direction we often become the self that we fear becoming. Possible self gives you a tool whereby you ensure that you become your ideal self by understanding your strengths and weaknesses.You strengthen your strengths and monitor your weaknesses. You make action plans to ensure success. You visualize your way to a dream life.

Possible Selves consists of a lot of interactive teaching. Students are given an instructional booklet, A CD, a journal. PPT’s, hand’s on exercises, Lectures and role play are used as instructional material. High on interactivity with anecdotal content delivered through audio visual media, the programme uses innovative Mind Training Exercises and Bio-feedback Mechanisms.


  • Identifying Strengths Weaknesses, Oppurtunities and Threats.
  • Creating your Ideal Self.
  • Developing Action Plans.
  • Understanding and Accessing Alpha Mind Power.
  • Visualising yourself into your ideal self.

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