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Lable to Able: Understanding Learning Disorders

School & College with
Understanding Learning Disorders

An introductory workshop, it is a must for all teachers, as helps them understand a child with Learning Disability. It will aid in identifying the learning disabled child who might be under their care facilitating early intervention and remedial teaching by a special educator. This will be the difference in the final prognosis; between success and failure.

There is a misconception that a child who is unable to perform well in class is intellectually inferior. Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Edison, Agatha Christie, to name a few famous learning disabled, are testimony to the fact that sometimes even brilliant individuals may be declared uneducable by the system. In fact, they prove the fact that correct inputs will ensure success for children with Learning Disability.

Duration: 4 hours

Fee: Rs. 8000 + Rs. 6000 Transport Charges

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