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The world is undergoing a transition unlike we have ever seen before. Children are consistently being exposed to higher levels of stress, competition and conflicts. Absenteeism, bullying, boredom, and unhealthy competition are early signs of stress in children which may often go unnoticed. Yet the new generation is far more aware, sensitive and intelligent than ever. This combination of heightened senses can be as useful as it can be bewildering.

A New Leaf understands the importance of channelizing and directing energies of children towards more productive and positive influences. If not harnessed, these energies can lead to destructive and negative behaviour and habits. A New Leaf inspires children to strike a balance between environmental conflicts, competition and peer pressure and grow up with finer qualities like love, positivity and trust.

 Benefits to children:

  • Secure, sincere, open minded students
  • Inspiring self-love and self-awareness
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Creatingemotionally and intellectually-balanced children
  • Developing sensitivity and compassion
  • Building a sense of healthy competition
  • Nurturing a stress-free generation

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