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Aimed at developing the EQ along with the IQ
Aimed at developing the EQ along with the IQ the program is designed to enable teachersto use group dynamics while teaching. Also meets the requirements of CCE during projectmaking and group Discussion. Is based on the Co-operative Learning Strategy of KansasUniversity Strategic Intervention Model

  • Understanding group dynamics. 
  • Using group dynamics to enhance teaching.
  • Curriculum management. 
  • Conflict and stress.
  • Dealing with conflict and stress.
  • Making group power work for you.
  • Assessing role of group teaching and making it work.
DURATION: 3 days.
TIMINGS: 9.00a.m. –2.00 p.m.              
CHARGES:Rs. 20,000/-  (20-25 participants). 
(Manual is an additional cost of Rs 250/= per participant)

  • It is a well established fact that use of group dynamics during the teaching processenhances learning besides promoting social skills. 
  • Today it is universally accepted and acknowledged that EQ plays an equally, if not moreimportant role, than IQ while determining the success of an individual.
  • In the high-pressure cauldron of competitiveness that is life today it becomes imperativeto teach children appropriate social skills besides the academics. To be competitive they alsohave to be taught about joining complementary competencies to get ahead. 
  • The program is so designed that at the end of the duration the educator will be competentin developing her children holistically enabling them to unlock their potential; even in largeclasses

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