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To be able to turn the cry of I Can’t to I Can.

Are you familiar with the cry “I Can’t”!
In todays extremely competitive, highly stressed life the cry is being heard more often than not. Children and parents set high goals for academics. An essential, but without the adequate preparation a certain recipe for failure and the wail I Can’t.

It becomes imperative for us to equip our children with abilities: emotional, psychological and mental to be able to turn the cry of I Can’t to I Can.


  • Understanding the Concept of I can
  • Learning Styles, understanding them
  • Multiple Intelligence in context to teacher and taught
  • Developing Creative Thinking and Reading Skills    
  • Multisensory Teaching- Phonics
  • Managing Stress through Visualization.
  • Behaviour Modification         

Duration: 3 days
Timings:  9.00a.m. – 2.00 p.m.

It is with this aim in mind that this revolutionary program has been developed. Using the principles of Psychology and Education it puts the needs of the student above syllabus and any teaching methodology. Based on the theory of multiple intelligence; it empowers the child to be the best. Since individual learning styles are taken into account it equips teachers to teach to each child’s style in the class.

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