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Basic Training for Mainstream Teachers

It is recognised, that a teacher with a large number of children in her class may not be able to fulfil all the needs of a Learning Disabled Child in the class. While it is not possible for her to concentrate on this one child at cost of others; at the same time she is not equipped with the necessary training.

Through this workshop we aim to help the teacher:

  • Identify children with possible disability.
  • Guide them to do better.
  • Liaise with the special educator.
  • Know effective classroom strategies to manage children with Learning Disability and related problems.
  • Be able to help children and parents deal with the knowledge that they are facing a disability.

Susan Winebrenner, in her book, Teaching Kids With Learning Disability In The Classroom, says, “never forget the important fact that children with Learning Disability really cannot learn the traditional way.”

Duration: Four hours.

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