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Quantum Understanding Program

One To One Session with Shivam Satyam
Quantum Understanding Personal Coaching Program (QUP) A Crash Course on the Journey of Awakening! QUP is a revolutionary program that helps people touch new heights in personal growth and happiness. It is the first-of-its-kind, unique, open-face, belief-free and scientific self-help program available. QUP divides the journey of a spiritual seeker into 10 easy steps and decodes each of them for you through engaging and absorbing exercises over 70 Days.
Quantum Understanding Personal Coaching Program (QUP) 

A Crash Course on the Journey of Awakening!
QUP is a revolutionary program that helps people touch new heights in personal growth and happiness. It is the first-of-its-kind, unique,
open-face, belief-free and scientific self-help program available.
QUP divides the journey of a spiritual seeker into 10 easy steps
and decodes each of them for you through engaging and absorbing exercises.

  • The most exhaustive and complete self-growth/self-help program developed in recent times.
  • Helps people to find their true nature (truth, consciousness, bliss) through a logical, straightforward and progressive methodology.
  • Scientific approach using the tools of questioning, investigation and doubt, along with ancient techniques of meditation, mindfulness and contemplation
  • Guided, step-by-step program with constant support from a life coach.
  • Interactive and easy to use along with many fun, exciting and engaging self-discovery exercises.

QUP is a path-breaking program. It is neither an entertainment, nor a practice, rather a quantum jump! It doesn’t want you to keep walking on the path, to keep fooling around, to keep getting lost in alleys and detours. This is the highway that bypasses all those philosophies and belief systems, which though much in vogue, do not help in the evolution of man. This is where we go straight to the point of truth in a matter of
70 days.

So, in that sense, this program is a big departure from the teachings of famous gurus and schools. This is because your true nature has nothing to do with time and becoming, it has nothing to do with feeling good or bad, or with thoughts and ideas, it is beyond the body, beyond energy and beyond anything you can do. Your true nature cannot be found. It is and is and is… And it isn't an 'it'. Neither an object, nor a subject, truth is a Lion's Roar and to know it you must be a light unto yourself... And this is what QUP achieves uncompromisingly. It makes you a light unto yourself, so that you can know and experience truth, bliss and peace on your own authority and not believe or follow what someone else tells you.


The Most Important Questions & Problems: 
  • Do you have everything that money can buy but still there’s something missing in your life? Peace, happiness and relaxation still elude you?   
  • Is depression a regular part of your life? Or do you have a knack at attracting troubles and crises? Do you feel a sense of restlessness? Do you feel that life is meaningless and you find no solace in old religion, God and the likes? Are you going through an existential crisis in your life?
  • Have you been searching, seeking, doing different workshops/groups, been to many gurus, meditating…. But still haven’t reached anywhere? Despite all your efforts are you still restless and unhappy?
  • Have you had beautiful experiences in your life such as being blissed out, moments of immense peace and silence, sudden feelings of let-go and relaxation and more? And wanted them to stay forever?
  • Do you want to move from chaos to quiet, from hyperactivity to relaxation, from neediness to contentment? Do you sometimes feel empty and lonely and sad without a reason? Are you restless or anxious or feeling stressed? And do you often wonder that what is life? Why am I here? What’s the purpose of this life?
 The Solution
These are common and universal human dilemmas and questions, and in most likelihood you would have nodded yes to some of them. What is the solution? And can there be one? Yes, positively there is. And to put it simply, it involves coming to a point in one’s understanding of life and the universe, from where there are no more problems left. All that’s left is freedom, love, joy and beauty.
Simply put, QUP is a revolutionary and life-changing program. It regards each human being as supremely intelligent and guides you to the last frontiers of thinking, takes your hand and leads you up the enchanting mountain of wisdom, and down the blooming valley of suchness; and brings you to a point from which you can take the last jump – and awaken!
The Benefits

  1.  After enlightenment someone asked Gautama Buddha that what have you gained. He replied – ‘I have not gained, I have lost much. I have lost all ignorance, all illusions, all dreams.’ The main benefit of this program is that you’ll lose all that is not needed – beliefs, illusions, identities, ego and esoteric nonsense; and you’ll know what counts, which always is – the background, source, God – whatever you like to call it.
  1.  After the program you will have constant access to uncaused and unconditional joy and peace, such that the circumstances of life will cease to weigh you down. You will be happy and peaceful in all situations.                            
  2.  You will learn meditation in all its dimensions; with the help of techniques and also without support and techniques. You will learn meditation methods from all major wisdom traditions of the world - Buddhism, Tao, Sufism, Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism, as well as all major contemporary developments in the field of meditation and psychological growth such as hypnosis, cellular reprogramming, human design, enneagram etc.
  1. You will learn how energy works in this body-mind organism through thoughts, emotions and sensations and how to detach yourself from what is not YOU.
  1.  After this course, you will be on the highway to knowing who you really areYou will know what counts and is really valuable and what is just entertainment or a waste of time. You will have clear, sparkling eyes and theclarity to discriminate what is essential from the non-essential on the path of awakening.
  1. This would be the best gift you can give yourself. It would bringprofound transformation in your outlook on life and happiness, peace and wisdom would become almost tangible realities for you.
  1. You will attain immense clarity pertaining to your own individual spiritual search (the path would be illuminated!). You would know where you want to go and what you want to do and as well as be equipped to guide others.
  1. Thoughts and emotions would lose their hold on you. You would be able to see their relative existence. You would be able to use them but not used by them.
  1. You will have the master key to be joyful and peaceful even in the most stressful and challenging situations in life.
  1. This program will bring about a shift in your consciousness from which there would be no looking back. It would be a quantum jump indeed.
 These and many more are the benefits of this program, which cannot be worded and each participant would know them in their own heart after completion.

Shivam Satyam

Shivam Satyam is an artist and writer by profession and a seeker at heart. Meditation has been his way on the spiritual journey. He has travelled extensively, experimented with different schools of mysticism, learned from various masters; finally coming to the point of embracing Zen as a way of life.

He leads workshops and offers personal sessions in fields as varied as human design, the enneagram of liberation, hypnosis, catharsis based dance therapies, ecstatic dance, meditation (method based and zazen), besides a wide spectrum of Osho meditations and group therapies. Elements from the wisdom traditions of Zen, Sufism, Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism are integrated in his workshops into a beautiful symphony.

His debut novel in the genre of spiritual fiction, The Wayfarer, was launched recently.

        The 10 Steps of QUP


        1. The Unique Nature of your Body Mind - How you think, feel and do?


Who you are as a limitation? When the infinite incarnates as a limitation in you… How you are hardwired to operate in the world. What was your childhood setting, while growing-up? What are your fixated behavioral styles? And much more...


This step includes New-Age Astrology, Enneagram, Psychology Questionnaires, Investigative Contemplation


        2. What you want? Finding your Root Desire.


        To find out your real driving force, motivations and desires. In this step, we will

        discover your motivations behind what you do. Whether what you do is aligned

        with what you want and need? You will learn to prioritize in life and to

        differentiate the essential from the non-essential. And most important - Finding

        and understanding the root desire of man and your root desire in particular.


        This step includes Law of Magic, Alien Exercise, Discovering your WORD,

        Prioritizing in life.


        3. What you Believe? Finding your Program/Software


        To find out the beliefs, thoughts, ideas that are dear to you and at the same time

        to know their limitation. The goal is to arrive at a state of absolute freedom from

        all belief systems. Belief is the barrier for every scientist, seeker and investigator

        alike. Digging out these layers of beliefs, exposing them and eradicating them

        from our worldview frees us for the first time to experience life freely, unchained

        and spontaneously in the present moment.


In this step participants will also find their bio-program/bio-software, which is the source of all individual thoughts, emotions and actions.


        This step includes Investigation through questionnaires and exercises,

        Introspection, Objective Analysis


        4.The Search Ripens - Investigate, Doubt, Seek, Question


Getting rid of the taboo against knowing who you are. Digging into mind-stuff,

asking the fundamental questions of life. This is where you are getting set to accelerate the most important journey of your life. The truth is - there are no ready-made answers. The questions must be yours and the answers too. Only then, can they awaken you. In this step, introspective investigations and guided visualizations are used to get positive results.


        This step includes Questioning Tools, Exercises for Rediscovering the Sense of

        Wonder, Contemplation, Parallels between modern Science and Mysticism,

        Scientific facts and their limitations.


        5. Emotional/Mental/Physical Unburdening


Unburdening the body-mind organism of repressed emotions, stress and mental

garbage. Emotional, mental and physical unburdening is an essential step before we hit the highway!


        Suppressed feelings of rage, anger, resentment and accumulated stress are

        proven to create many psycho-somatic imbalances, health complications, besides

        making us easy prey for banes such as fatigue and depression… This step will

        ensure that you unburden and let-go of many unwanted emotions, memories and

        hangovers – take an emotional/mental bath, so to say, and come out clean for a

        new innings!


This step includes Dance Therapy, Catharsis, Self-Talking, Who am I?, Scream



6. The Highway of Meditation – The Ending of Confusion, Knowing what Meditation points to.


        Knowing that Meditation is the highway to fulfill all root desires. Learning to

        switch-off and send the mind on a holiday. Experiencing meditation, relaxation

        and silence. Knowing the importance of practice. The road to authentic seeking.


We have done enough ground-work and now it’s time to hit the highway. Yes, it

is said rightly – meditation is the highway to peace, silence, love and joy. Just a slight shift in gestalt is needed, a little change in the way you look at things and you can see colors like never before. In this step we come to know what it means to be at ease and peace with oneself and to be joyful without a reason!


        This step includes Meditation: Various Techniques including Vipassana, Zazen,

        Boketto, Fura Fura, Guided Relaxations.


        7. Nature of Body Mind Organism – How it Functions?


        Finding out the true

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