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Human Design Ongoing Sessions

One To One Session with Shivam Satyam
Forget your sing, know your design.

Human Design is the New Science of Astrology and the cross-section where science and spirituality come together. it is a revolutionary system that is changing lives around the world; it helps you discover the person you were born to be, thus empowering you to celebrate your unique individuality.
What Will You Discover?
Discover your spiritual DNA and how you are hardwired to think, to feel, to be; how you are programmed to function in the world, to receive inspiration, to express yourself; the anatomy of your fears, the make-up of your life-force energy, your drives and callings, and your highest potential...

The Methodology
An amalgamation of the three ancient wisdom traditions - The I-Ching, the Chakra system and the Kabbalah, Human Design calculates precisely the cosmic information imprinted upon our consciousness at the time of birth and determines the nature we will carry throughout life. A HD life chart is created through integrating two time periods; the exact birth information – time, date, year and place of birth and a separate time, three months before birth, when the baby is still in the womb – the instant when the neo-cortex in the front lobe of the brain turns on and the spirit is said to enter the body.

2 hours (includes a detailed human design reading, a write-up and suggested affirmations and meditations)

Personal Sessions: 

2 hours each, Birth Information (Date, Year, Time and Place of Birth needed 2 days in advance). Relating readings would require birth information of the two or more persons.

Shivam Satyam

Shivam Satyam is an artist and writer by profession and a seeker at heart. Meditation has been his way on the spiritual journey. He has travelled extensively, experimented with different schools of mysticism, learned from various masters; finally coming to the point of embracing Zen as a way of life.

He leads workshops and offers personal sessions in fields as varied as human design, the enneagram of liberation, hypnosis, catharsis based dance therapies, ecstatic dance, meditation (method based and zazen), besides a wide spectrum of Osho meditations and group therapies. Elements from the wisdom traditions of Zen, Sufism, Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism are integrated in his workshops into a beautiful symphony.

His debut novel in the genre of spiritual fiction, The Wayfarer, was launched recently.

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