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Power Minutes

One To One Session with Shivam Satyam
FREE Audio Meditations The series are called - 'Power Minutes' - and offer eight audio meditations - all of them quick (5-11 minutes) and easy to do. SCROLL DOWN TO MEDITATE

Unburdening The Body Mind

First meditation from the series - Power Minutes - by Shivam Satyam for SoulCentric. It is a quick catharsis and unburdening technique to experience a very natural state of relaxation.

Finding Peace & Calm

Relaxation & Peace in 6 Minutes

Become at ease and peace with yourself in less than 6 minutes. The second meditation exploring a simple listening technique that works wonders.

Inner Empowerment Meditation

Know Your Inner Power in 7 minutes

Find out how to remain unaffected by the changing circumstances in your life and to be the eye of the storm.

Spring of Joy Meditation

A Sudden Clap of Thunder!

A Zen Technique called Boketto is used to experience an instant moment of no-mind followed by a state of innocence and wonder.

Learning Self Relaxation

An easy and simple guided meditation to relax consciously, connect to your body and to feel more alive.

Art of Acceptance Meditation

A deep stress cleansing meditation. Learn the art of saying an unconditional yes and enjoying the present moment.

Heart & Gratitude Meditation

This meditation is about taking stock and celebrating all the good things in our lives as well as looking at the ones perceived as bad from a newer and higher perspective.

Deep Dive Meditation

A guided trance into Latihan - allowing the body to move involuntarily and freely. This meditation is also a deep unwinding, a catharsis going all the way down till the reptilian brain stem.

Shivam Satyam

Shivam Satyam is an artist and writer by profession and a seeker at heart. Meditation has been his way on the spiritual journey. He has travelled extensively, experimented with different schools of mysticism, learned from various masters; finally coming to the point of embracing Zen as a way of life.

He leads workshops and offers personal sessions in fields as varied as human design, the enneagram of liberation, hypnosis, catharsis based dance therapies, ecstatic dance, meditation (method based and zazen), besides a wide spectrum of Osho meditations and group therapies. Elements from the wisdom traditions of Zen, Sufism, Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism and Taoism are integrated in his workshops into a beautiful symphony.

His debut novel in the genre of spiritual fiction, The Wayfarer, was launched recently.

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