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Art of Extreme Self Care

One To One Session with Asma D'souza
The art of extreme self care a program based on bestselling book of Cheryl Richardson Join the 15 sessions of 1 Hour over 3 months

When you assess your life end of each day how do you answer, who took care of me? If you turn around and find no one there, perhaps it’s time to wake up and take action for yourself .

Cheryl Richardson’s art of extreme self care transforms your life’s one week at a time. Offers a beautiful structured format to work with one new self care strategy.

Join Asma  D’souza as she guides you through a new chapter each week. For 15 sessions

You will be encouraged to recognise yourself sabotaging behaviour and focus on making creative and necessary changes to support , love and care for self.

We can meet on every Monday of the week. 1 hour once a week for 3 month. We will complete the entire course.

Contribution for the program Rs 4000/- (per session).

Book included, correspondence included and prep work included, journal included.

Asma D'souza

Asma is a licensed Heal your life workshop leader and life coach. Public speaking, writing and facilitating people’s transformation is my passion. Her area of expertise includes Clinical Hypnotherapy, Distance healing modalities, Tarot card reading : Graphotherapy ; Signature analysis and Metaphor therapy. She has been associated with Hay House (USA) and has been trained personally by likes of Louise L Hay and Cheryl Richardson.


  • Master of Arts [M.A.] in Sociology from University of Mumbai (2001)
  • Bachelor of Arts [B.A.] in Psychology from University of Mumbai (1999)
  • Certification in ‘Life Coach Training’ in the field of people development conducted by Hay House (USA)
  • Certification in ‘Workshop Leader’ in the field of people development conducted by Hay House (USA)
  • Certification in ‘Breakthrough in performance coaching’ conducted by Life learning Solution, certified by SMR Malaysia
  • 5 levels certification in ‘Clinical Hypnotherapy’ conducted by California Hypnosis Institute of India
  • 3 Theta Healing certification
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Metaphor Therapy certification from The Counseling Co
  • Sufism basics course
  • Kinesiology certification
  • NLP Practionar’s certificate from Wisdom Tree
  • Metaphor and Colour Psychology certifications
  • Chakra Healing and Meditations
  • You Can Create An Exceptional Life with Louise L Hay and Cheryl Richardson
  • Dreams interpretation and art of Lucid Dreams
  • Systematic constellation facilitator’s program a Bert Hellinger (Germany) modality


Rewards and Recognition:

  • Awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding performance in channel development initiatives by Head – Agency Development & Training at ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
  • Received an award in 2013 from International Spiritual & Hindu Mythology Awards as a Excellence Par Trainer In Louise L Hay Philosophy.
  • Received the award of a Spiritual Diva in 2016 from International Spiritual & Hindu Mythology Awards

Socially contributing Activities:

  • Over 600 workshops conducted for people’s development and behavioral transformations.    
  • Associated with ‘Anthaya Education Foundation’ to conduct various workshops for educational institutions for 24months (almost 50 institutions). Parenting seminars in schools. ‘Mindbutterfly’ a unique workshop for kids between age 9 - 15. Teachers workshop – Increase your Productivity  

Counselling and coaching to support individuals post the workshops to enable achieve the change and accomplish personal goals  

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