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One To Group Session with Beenhu Grover
One word, can reliably bring into existence desired conditions, manifestations or results in our life.

Switchwords are single words and can be called one word affirmation. By declaring, affirming, chanting, singing or even just by thinking one word, you can reliably bring into existence desired conditions, manifestations or results in your life. Each switchword is an essence of a particular condition, manifestation or result in your life. When we declare or repeat a switchword, the associated condition, manifestation or result reliably appears, either immediately or over time. It's much easier to bring conditions or manifestations using a switchword. When we use a switchword, our creative energy can remain focused in the single moment of NOW which is immensely powerful. Declaring a switchword is like flipping a switch to bring about electric lighting. In modern terms switchwords can be called software commands for our minds.


  • There are approximately more than 100 Switchwords for your every requirement. The Class will cover:
  • Explanation of all 100 Switchwords
  • How to put them in practical use
  • How to make combinations for them to work faster
  • How to make combinations to use more than one switchword together
  • How to create our realities in togetherness and harmony with the Divine
  • Using names as Switchwords
  • How to help others
  • and finally how to feel the magikkk


Increases Creative Power, Effectiveness, Fun, Prosperity, Aliveness, Togetherness, Life Mastery and Life Satisfaction are possible through using switchwords.

Few examples are:

  • To quit an unwanted habit - Off
  • To be in good health - Be
  • To locate or create a home - Home
  • To find lost items - Reach

Beenhu Grover

In this physical body, I came into existence on 10th August' 1974 but as a soul, I don't remember how many lifetimes I have experienced to reach here. I started my career as a teacher and worked for almost 5 years but I wanted to do something else. Despite putting years of hard work into it, I was not satisfied. I used to be restless as if I was craving to be connected with something deeper, something that could satisfy the quest of my soul and then destiny revealed it's plans & I landed up learning Reiki.

The moment I entered into healing world, everything seemed to happen magically & effortlessly. It was as if mystic world was calling out for me since long & I was fortunate enough to have come across Amit, my mentor, Reiki teacher, friend and guide. Not only I learned all levels of Reiki, I took various healing sessions from him simultaneously and that changed my life completely.  And in my journey to learn many healing modalities, I found Dr. Jagmohan Sachdeva, who introduced me to the miraculous world of Tarot card readings, Acupressure & Magnet therapy.

After packing up my 10 yrs of business, I started working as a healer & today my purpose is to heal as many people as I can. I thank God for choosing me to become a beautiful channel of healing & letting people reach me.

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