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Runes Readings

One To Group Session with Beenhu Grover
If you are looking for answers to your questions and solutions to your problems, runes are an excellent way to connect you to your Super Conscious Mind. 

Runes are tools used for divination and opening up psychic awareness. Runes were originally used for writing among the ancient Northern Europeans. Even today their remnants can be seen as inscriptions on large stone markers throughout Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia.  During the period when runes were used for writing, they were associated with mystery and magic as well as communication. Runic inscriptions were often added to garments, homes, and weapons to confer protection, for example. Since ancient times, runes have been used for divination and magic, in addition to writing. The word "rune" actually means mystery, secret or whisper. Each rune has esoteric meanings and properties associated with it. Modern mystics also use runes for divination. These mystics draw runes from a set to answer questions or create spreads which are supposed to predict upcoming events. Runes are excellent for answering questions. They give a direct accurate answer.


  • This class will cover 
  • Origin of runes
  • Detailed interpretation of all 24 runes - upright and reversed
  • How to do reading with runes
  • Various spreads
  • Magical qualities of the runes i.e how to add energies of following in life -
  • to protect property and valuables
  • to initiate new processes
  • to break barrenness and stimulate fruitfulness
  • to increases artistic craft
  • to bring good luck and abundance
  • to promote peace, fruitfulness and sensuality
  • and much more....
  • If you are looking for answers to your questions and solutions to your problems, runes are excellent way to connect you to Super Conscious Mind.
  • We all have sub-conscious mind which stores information of an individual but in the mind of the Universe, information pertaining to all living beings float. So, runes help to connect to the Divine mind and extract the information for the highest good of a person. Not only information can be derived but runes are used to create magic in your life. Learn Runes for -
  • Divination and finding hidden information which can not be seen through our conscious eyes
  • Deeper Connection to Divine Mind
  • Understanding blocks in day to day events
  • Finding ways to remove those blocks
  • Trying to live life from a higher perspective
  • Seeing life as an interconnection rather than living in the energies of blame, criticism
  • Living in harmony and peace as a permanent state of mind
  • Runes are not only ways to find missing energies or blocks in life but they are means to add those energies and removing blocks.

Beenhu Grover

In this physical body, I came into existence on 10th August' 1974 but as a soul, I don't remember how many lifetimes I have experienced to reach here. I started my career as a teacher and worked for almost 5 years but I wanted to do something else. Despite putting years of hard work into it, I was not satisfied. I used to be restless as if I was craving to be connected with something deeper, something that could satisfy the quest of my soul and then destiny revealed it's plans & I landed up learning Reiki.

The moment I entered into healing world, everything seemed to happen magically & effortlessly. It was as if mystic world was calling out for me since long & I was fortunate enough to have come across Amit, my mentor, Reiki teacher, friend and guide. Not only I learned all levels of Reiki, I took various healing sessions from him simultaneously and that changed my life completely.  And in my journey to learn many healing modalities, I found Dr. Jagmohan Sachdeva, who introduced me to the miraculous world of Tarot card readings, Acupressure & Magnet therapy.

After packing up my 10 yrs of business, I started working as a healer & today my purpose is to heal as many people as I can. I thank God for choosing me to become a beautiful channel of healing & letting people reach me.

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