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Osho Zen Tarot

One To Group Session with Sujata Malik
Learn to read Osho Zen Tarot cards for yourself and others

Have you heard your inner voice lately? Do you know were born intuitive ? Would you like to get connected to your intuition ?Would you like to learn how to read the Tarot?

Open yourself to the mysterious world of the tarot with these classes and discover how the tarot can help you to open and develop your intuition and psychic gifts and help you gain greater self awareness and self-empowerment.

The two day course will help you to sharpen your intuition,and sense energies. This will help you get clarity in issues related to physical health, financial blocks, relationship problems, career decisions and many more queries in your life.

Sujata Malik

It has been well over a decade, when this insatiable seeker, had her first physical tryst with the fathomless world of energy healing, the infinite possibilities, and the power within. In a reiki class amidst all the chaos that life often begets, she witnessed in person, the divine’s ‘unconditional love’. With intent to become ‘that’ itself she breathes every breath with much gratitude.

Very open to novel ideas, her pursuit of knowledge led her step by step into the spiritual realm. Always religiously inclined, she was forever intrigued with the mesmerizing world of spiritual healing. Conceding to the idea of the source, she lived with faith, knowing that each moment of her life is guiding her to her sacred path. Sporadically though, she would turn into an anxiety ball, or ruthless migraine pains would take over the best of her. It was the quest for a ‘cure’ that led her home! She recollects how she took responsibility for the first time. Reiki and Meditation enabled her to attain physical, emotional, as well as spiritual bliss. What ensued was, utter clarity of her divine purpose in this magnificent world.

She also healed herself of low sense of worth and self-reservation, without even realizing she needed to. Espousal appeared in all forms, including her mentor Rohini, who stated for a fact how Sujata was a born teacher. This instance led to much introspection, subsequently breaking up the shell to give way to a poised spiritual healer and teacher. Never wary again, Sujata basks in celestial guidance and cosmic love every waking moment of her life. It’s this guidance that she taps into during all her healing and consultation work. She humbly becomes the channel, allowing the divine to steer her. She revels in gratitude, for her spiritual path has led her to unadulterated evolution and happiness within, as well as on the outside.

Each new modus operandi added a new colour onto her canvas. Amidst the various shades, she confirms of one constant. With much fervour she guides and motivates people seeking healing, to primarily take responsibility for their current life conditions. Instead of waiting for a miracle, she advocates acceptance and surrender. Her experience with energy has empowered her with the awareness that one is not a ‘part’ of the whole, but rather ‘the whole’ itself, that we are one with the universe. Persevering “being”, against “doing” is her personal mantra. Her reveries let biology to give way to the more momentous teachings of the power of breath and awareness.

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