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Angel Healing

One To Group Session with Bakul H K
A healing concept that involves communication with angels, this connect with angels will help to transform your life.

Angels are wonderful celestial beings and always helping humanity since a decade, in this workshop you will learn how to connect with angels and transform your life. Angels are connecting more and more with us and with the shift and the new energies coming in mother earth. Let’s connect to these celestial beings to heal all past traumas and transform your life. Angel therapy is an alternative healing concept that involves communication with angels. It helps us to heal ourselves in various ways, Angels do help us when we call upon them, and they will not intervene in your life unless you request their assistance, they respect our freewill and only on rare occasions they will appear without being asked.

Day 1:

Invocation prayer of the angels

Knowing the archangels and earth angel realms

Knowing your earth realm

Messages from the archangels and flowers

Knowing the new archangels and their purpose into your life

Chakra meditation

Knowing indigo, crystal and rainbow children

Atlantis healing meditation

 Day 2:

Automated writing with archangels

12 Chakra meditations

Cleansing angel card deck and readings

Past life regression & insights with angels

Medium ship readings

Angelic signs

Angel therapy meditation


All participants should not have caffeine and have only vegetarian diet prior 1 week to the workshop as it helps to hear angels profoundly.


In this workshop you will learn and experience the 9 realms of the angels and experience healing through angels and also give us insights into our purpose of life, healing and unfolding past life memories.

Bakul H K

I am an Angel intuitive and a Advance Angel certified practitioner certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue and her son Charles Virtue. I am a tarot and angel card reader, theta healing and rising star practitioner. I also conduct past life regression sessions and work with other healing modalities. My journey into spiritual world has been through years and life times. I have conducted quite a few angel healing workshops all over INDIA.

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