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Visionary Leadership

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A step-by-step methodology on infusing trust, commitment and spirit within an Organization while transforming the ways to lead your life

The Visionary Leadership Workshop shares a remarkably step-by-step methodology that places emphasis on infusing trust, commitment and spirit within your Organization while transforming the way you lead your life.

Content and Benefits:

  • Visioning - creating a heart-based compelling future focus
  • Building Human Relations : Building a culture of listening, keeping commitments, being compassionate to others
  • Team Unity: Building strong loyal teams with a strong focus on rewarding and recognizing merit
  • Adaptability and Change Management: strategies for coping with change, including tools to manage anxiety, stress etc
  • Personal Effectiveness: A methodology to help leaders focus on the essentials
  • Self-Leadership: Specific tools for personal renewal, awareness of the mind, the 'practice' of emotional intelligence etc.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Infusing fun and lightness into the workplace
  • Contribution and Significance: leaving behind a memorable legacy

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