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Instilling & Strengthening the Inner-Achievement – Drive

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To stimulate the achievement of break-through results, on a sustained basis

Content and Benefits:

  • A series of 4-day “Inner-Achievement – Drive – Strengthening” Workshops be considered for groups of 15-20 participants, who have “business-generation” and “business-delivery” goals for break-through achievement;
  • A series of these Workshops for those performing in the middle ranges, or bottom ranges of A-B-C classification (or mid-range of the Bell-Curve of performance/results), despite their excellent professional qualifications and experience.
  • Within 2 months, a 1-Day “Booster Achievement – Drive” Workshop.
  • Subsequently, for their “Leadership Development Programme”,one could consider a series of experiential 4-Day “Inner-Positive- Power – Drive” Workshop for :
    - Developing Leadership Effectiveness;
    - Developing “Persuasive-Power-Drive”
    - Developing “Helping – Power – Drive”
    - Learning how to build, and sustain “High Team Morale & Team Results”.
  • Within 2 months of this, a 1-Day “Booster – Positive-Power – Drive” Workshop to sustain this inner drive for upto 3-4 years in the future.
  • Participants’ group & individual data/analysis will be provided to organization after each Workshop.

Dr. David C. McClelland and his teams at Harvard University have put into the public domain 40+ years of global experience, data, research, and practical results, showing that: 

  • While education, professional qualifications, experience, and competencies are necessary conditions for improving performance and results (of individuals & teams) it is by no mean a sufficient condition; 
  • Even possessing conscious-level achievement “values” are not sufficient;
  • The vital, catalytic factor is lying deeper, at the sub-conscious mental level, in the form of “sub-conscious” or “inner-motivational-drives”; 
  • These “inner-drives” are always arranged in a “hierarchy” of 4 specific “inner-drives”:
    - Inner – Security – Drive
    - Inner – Affiliation – Drive
    - Inner – Power – Drive
    - Inner – Achievement – Drive
    This hierarchy varies with each individual/team. 
  • In the “Hierarchic – arrangement” of these 4 basic functional drives (as separate and distinct from the “biological drives”), usually 1 of these “inner-drives” is “predominant” (or strongest), and it subconsciously shapes one’s actual attitude, behavior, and how one applies / utilizes one’s : a) education, b) qualification, c) competencies, d) skills.
  • If my “predominant – inner – drive (of which I am not aware because it is “sub-conscious”), is the “Security-Drive”, I will :
    - Play safe,
    - not set “stretch-goals” or “stretch-targets” for performance
    - avoid all risk or uncertainty.
    Despite my qualifications, experience, and even past track-record, if this is my current predominant drive (usually stable for 5-10 years), it will dampen my performance and results (despite my “hard work”), without my awareness.
  • If my “predominant-inner-drive” is “Affiliation”, I will focus mostly on building and maintaining close relationships, but will not be likely to “leverage” this for achieving better results.
  • If my “predominant – inner-drive” is “Power”, I am subconsciously focusing on “making an impact” on people.

    Dr. McClelland and his teams at Harvard discovered that the “inner-power-drive” basically takes two forms :
    a.    the “inner-drive” for “personalized” power;
    b.    the “inner-drive” for “institutionalized” power.

    The latter is an important, catalytic component of “leadership-effectiveness” and “team-effectiveness”, and needs to be worked on separately, as a vital support to the “inner-achievement-drive”, in business-generating organisations, and for developing “intrapreneurial” cultures in companies.
  • If my predominant “inner-drive” is “Achievement” (or “Result-Excellence”), I will focus all my energy, knowledge, competencies, skills, feed-back, and relationships to achieve :
    •    Continuously improving measurable results;
    •    Break-through results;
    •    Innovative results.
  • A brief bibliography of the global research and proven practical results over 40+ is attached for ready reference.
  • Our Senior Consulting team of (Prof.) George Koreth & Dr.(Ms.) Kiron Wadhera (whose Ph.D. is on the “Achievement – Drive”) has 30+ years of using these published, globally proven processes for stimulating and sustaining better, break-through results, with a number of clients (through helping people/teams to instill and strengthen their “Inner-Achievement-Drive”). 

    In the improvement of Results & Breakthrough” their expertise covers many aspects of “Behavioural Science for Business & Organisational Results”, including in addition:

    •    Instilling & sustaining the vital “Inner-Positive – Power- Drive”; for Leadership Effectiveness, High - Team-Morale, and Team-Results-Improvement;
    •    Each (whether for “Achievement” or “Positive Power”) involves a proven, globally published process of :
    a) 4-day “experiential workshops
    b) followed within 2 months with a 1-day Booster Shot for long-term sustainability for 3-5 years
    c) for groups of 15-20 participants (of similar levels) since the workshops are intensive, interactive, and participatory
    d) follow-up coaching/mentoring can be provided on a “need-basis” for related “high-performance” issues of potentiality, and actual achievement growth & leadership growth.

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