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For any organisation, it is imperative to ensure that its human resource is operating at peak efficiency all the time. Without it, a Company may have to contend with less than 100% productivity, bearing the cost of recurring illness and prolonged absenteeism.

SoulCentric builds Conscious Corporates by conducting Stress Management Programs through a unique offering - ‘From Emotional Quotient to Spiritual Quotient’ that includes:

  •  stress management
  •  art of balancing personal and professional relationships
  •  meditation and relaxation
  •  de-conditioning processes
  •  body language and grooming
  •  yoga and pranayama
  •  health and nutrition

Our team of consultants and experts are qualified to infuse people with vital energies and strengths that go a long way in turning human resource to assets. It uses simple methodologies to reach out to people and bring about change. As people begin identifying and understanding their best emotional response to stress, both the organisation and its human resource start to gain.

Benefits to the corporate:

  • Better turn around
  • Increased productivity
  • Going from competition to co-operation
  • Emotionally balanced and self-motivated professionals
  • Happier, healthier work environment
  • Fulfilled human resource bringing increased success and taking pride in their contribution to the company

Benefits to the employees:

  • Relaxed body and mind
  • Increased individual efficiency
  • Natural self-motivation
  • Focused mind
  • Positive attitude
  • Sharper decision making
  • Healthy communication under stress
  • Greater acceptance for responsibility of one’s life, health and work
  • Increased efficiency and balance in work life
  • Raised Spiritual Quotient for greater awareness
  • Healthier lifestyle

SoulCentric offers these programs for well-established, sunrise and niche sectors depending upon their need. It focuses on efficient management, building enhanced talents, and people with a raised Spiritual Quotient.

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