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Gender Sensitization

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Gender Smart Program for Women

As women we are at that exciting point of our evolutionary journey where we are going to learn to retain our feminine strengths and yet be dynamically capable and move forward with a force . We are going to shift the organizational principle of society and the workplace from that of predominantly male view point to a balanced one where the male female energies come together in harmony and the result is pure creativity.The underlying frustrations of being misunderstood,or not heard or overworked or overwhelmed if not handled rightly may leave enormous potential untapped. Women face both and internal and external challenges . This workshops helps the participants distinguish betwen the two. It empowers women to overcome both internal and external challenges and move forward in a strong but incredibly feminine way.


  • Understanding vulnerability & Enhancing capability
  • We follow the Head, Heart and Hand Approach with respect to individual, organization and global.
  • Head (Insight): Awareness of trends and needs and Gender Differences
  • Heart (Inclusion): Looking at mindsets and changing’s unconscious Limiting Beliefs
  • Hand (Adaptation): Acquiring and Practicing practical skills


  • We hand hold in building the finest and most effective skills to powerfully move forward in your career
  • Addressing individual top challenges and pain points of women at workplace
  • Identifying and overcoming unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs which prevent progression
  • Enabling gender-aware women leaders to engage confidently and effectively with members of the opposite gender in social and workplace settings
  • Effective conflict resolution skills
  •  Increasing confidence and self esteem
  •  Learning balanced self promotion strategies


  • Right communication:
  •  Different languages, different perceptions
  •  Brain Differences of Men and Women
  •  How to be assertive and yet not be viewed as aggressive
  •  How to be heard better
  •  Board room participation
  • Expressing yet structuring
  •  Overcoming limiting beliefs and blocks which hold you back
  • Archetypes
  • Challenges of stereotyping
  • Cultural challenges e.g. appropriate amount of interaction with men
  • Personal blocks
  • Powerful woman leadership strategies
  • Leveraging diverse strengths
  • How men and Women deal with stress differently
  • emotional intelligence
  • balancing your own male and female energies
  • congruence between intention and behavior
  • Tools for group sessions:
  • Group exercises and discussions
  • Skits and role plays
  • Powerful insights through story telling
  • Videos
  • Understanding real time challenges of participants and finding solutions through brain storming and applying tools.


  • Enhancement and progression of women leaders
  • Participants will be able to make better decisions lead better and negotiate better
  • Balanced male female ratio on top and middle level
  • Gender intelligent individuals engaging confidently with the gender at workplace and social settings
  • Lesser attrition
  • An authentic gender intelligent organizational culture.

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