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SoulCentric is an endeavour to reclaim our lost paradise; to reach our innermost core by embarking on an adventurous inner journey.

What Makes Us Unique

Sometimes the journey is the destination and that is what makes us unique. Our programs are an experience where the lines between outer and inner blur. They offer a sublime experience which lingers on like fresh mist on a winter morning.

Celebrating The Human Spirit

For us, celebrating the human spirit is a way of life. Our attempt at lining up similar programs can be seen in our work. We carefully select our facilitators and acutely look into their offerings. Thousands from different walks of life have participated in our programs and benefitted. We are a universal space for growth where an individual’s progress is of utmost importance. We honour the mind, body, heart, and spirit in each individual and know the need to balance and blend these elements.

We Care About Our Participants

We are attuned to and care about our participants’ needs and expectations and treat each other with similar grace.Our inspiration comes from the expanse of the human spirit, which is not limited to time and space. We welcome you to come, get inspired, experience and join us on this rare inner journey.
Love stories
“SoulCentric is a wonderful initiative by their team to bridge the gap between the masters and disciples. Best luck.”
– Tejas Katkar
“A guide which gently teaches and motivates to be focused on spiritual development.”
– Anamica Shukla