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What Happened When I Went Inside The Great Pyramid


I am writing this to share my personal experience inside the mysterious Giza Pyramid in Egypt. I did not know anything about the powers of Giza before 17th April 2017. ...but then I got a chance to enter the most mysterious structures on earth...I want to share, what happened inside... I entered the chamber with our group through the inclined passage reaching up to it. The walls inside are built out of huge rocks. There is no opening on any of these walls except the entrance. We slowly climbed up with anticipation and soon reached the majestic King’s chamber. We had planned to meditate on music and not speak a word. I was given the responsibility to turn off the music after exactly 45 minutes. We switched the one single light in that chamber OFF. Everybody was sitting comfortably in that pitch dark room and nothing was visible. The music began to play and I sat there with my eyes closed. After a few minutes I started feeling a strong vibration inside me. It felt like a strong spring of liquid was flowing through my body and I could feel it from head to toe. I then felt like I was in some vast, open space and it was heavenly. It was psychedelic, I had visuals of various colors and shapes merging into each other as if I was in a galaxy. I was literally shaking and tears were rolling down my cheeks continuously. Without any idea of time and space, I got spaced out. I hardly realized that it was already 45 minutes till my facilitator tapped on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and the music had stopped. I remembered that I had asked my facilitator to remind me of lying down in the Sacrophagus. It is a stone built tomb kind of structure. The only object inside that chamber. So, I got up and went inside it and lay down. Surprisingly, the vibrations inside me did not stop or even fade during this activity of mine. It kept speeding up and in about a few minutes a loud chanting began. It was too loud and all of us were shocked to our bones. The group thought that we played the music again, but I knew that it was not the music. Just then, I got up and saw that my facilitator was trying to find out if the music was coming from the phone and she switched it OFF to be sure. I lay down again and she whispers, Guys! It’s not my phone! And I whispered- I Know! The chant kept going on for about 20 minutes and I was shaking inside out with a high frequency energy flowing through me. By now my shirt was wet with tears all over. But, let me tell you, it was not at all scary or sad. I was ecstatic and full with high vibrations of joy inside me. The chanting was an unfamiliar sound and was echoing very very loudly. It seemed to be coming from those walls. It was as a feminine voice chanting something like ‘aaaayeeemmm…’ It kept repeating but not with equals gaps in between. Sometimes it stopped for about a minute and sometimes for just a few seconds and then continuously… Then someone coughed and it suddenly STOPPED. We all kept quiet and in about 5 minutes, it started again and went on and on.By now, we had exceeded our 60 minutes in that chamber and so, a care taker started walking upstairs to ask us to leave. As soon his footsteps were audible to us, it STOPPED again and then we had to leave. We went to the queen’s chamber and another secret chamber below that and then come out to continue with our day’s program. That whole day, the vibration in my body remained at the same level and I was like a completely new person. I did not speak to anyone throughout the day and just enjoyed that High Trip! There have been many specific changes in me after that day which I cannot explain here. I can just say that Life looks much more simple and beautiful to me since that day and I live it upto my full potential. It was an eye opening experience that I had that day. Now, I believe that every single person who can, should be in that chamber at least once in his/her life. You have to have that experience and see what it’s like to just be there. I am immensely fortunate to have been there and so can YOU be… ~~ Contributed by Annu Bala