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Ruma Chakravarty

Classical Musician, Music Therapist, Life Coach
  • Ruma Chakravarty is a trained Hindustani classical vocal musician from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapith, Lucknow. She was trained under the tutelage of Sri Sudip Chakravarty in Shillong. She is practicing Music Therapy (through Hindustani classical music) for offering wonderful somatic and emotional experiences. The seed of Music Therapy was sown in her unconsciously when she would sing to her ailing niece of two years and her niece would improve every day. The divine communiqué between the two was beyond any wordy expressions. She realized much later that it was music that was working as a therapy for the child.

    Today, Ruma Chakravarty consciously practices Hindustani classical music as therapy because classical music has its roots associated to the Vedic Literature that have musical notations signifying mode of chanting. Ruma Chakravarty conducts both Music Therapy workshops as well as music workshops for children and adults where Music Therapy concepts are infused along with other aspects of Hindustani classical music. She offers both Active and Receptive forms of Music Therapy.

    She offers individual and group Music Therapy sessions. She has been working with patients of diverse disorders who could beautifully connect to the Music of their choice and even participate to attain a soulful experience.

    Her future projects are aimed at including Music Therapy based on World Music concepts that would help transcend the geographical boundaries and converge to a single Musical Language. She is further working on mingling Ethnomusicology to open avenues for inclusion of Music from diverse cultural and social sects of India into Music Therapy. This will not only allow a beautiful blend of intercultural sound and music, however, would also allow to comprehend its therapeutic impression in various disorder.

    Further, Ruma Chakravarty is a certified Life coach and Richard Bandler Certified Licensed NLP Practitioner. By profession, she is an internationally certified corporate trainer of survey methodologies & data analytics and also offers holistic development programs for executives.

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