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Acharya Neeraj

  • Neeraj has been studying  spiritual  and yogic techniques since 1996. During 20 years of learning and teaching, he has mastered many alternative healing techniques which are based on the age old Indian discipline of Ayurveda, Yoga, meditation and pranayama. It has been his conscious quest to work on Yogic Techniques, Subtle Yoga, Meditation, Doga, Tai Chi, Naturopathy, Zen, BioDanza, Butoh, Expressive therapy, Sufism & Metaphysics of the Mind and body that teaches how to manage and alleviate phobias and psychosomatic illnesses the natural way. It also explains deeper aspects of the mind, body & spirit connection that may give you some amazing insights. He has been featured in various other publications such as BBC, Zee TV,TOI - Hindi and news nation and many many more .

    Through his writings, translations and teaching, acharya neeraj engages in a critical exploration of spirituality's role in the contemporary world, which has earned him both condemnation as a heretic and praise as a reformer.  He  was born in a very tiny village. He grew up in a very organic and humanist environment with his grandfather. that's why he feels that if you lose the deep intimate relationship with nature your inner growth bound to be sluggish one needs to do all kinds of cleansing on the realm of psychology and physical levels to prepare to embark in the path of self –actualization . Throughout his growing up age he traveled overland in India with his family because his father's job provided him all kind of linguistic, cultural and spiritual upbringings.

    He studied and worked with all major religions and spiritual traditions but what must catch the imagination of an individual is that in the whole of life, from the moment one takes birth to the moment one dies, is a process of self learning…….

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