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Tarika Ahuja

  • She has studied at the Natural Epicurean Academy, The Kushi Institute and Advanced Counseling & Cultural Medicine Programs with Verne Varona. She has worked with Yoga practitioners, Ayurvedic doctors as well as Wellness Spas in the U.S.A, Europe and India to better understand and apply Traditional Medicine information in the most practical way for modern lifestyles. She is also a Theta healing practitioner and is certified with ViannaStibal from the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge.
    Currently, she was until recently working with several schools and children's centers in Bangalore and individual families or community groups to improve foundational health for children from an early age as well as conducting freelance workshops in different cities across the world. Her workshops though based on the principles of Taoism, Macrobiotics and Ayurveda have a touch of all different modalities and teachers she has studied and worked with. 

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