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Aarushi Jain

Reiki Master, PLR Therapist, Access Consciousness Practitioner
  • Aarushi Jain a Reiki Master, Past Life regression Therapist and Access Consciousness Practitioner, started her career as an Interior Designer, but being a seeker since childhood led her to the world of spirituality and alternative therapies. Her spiritual journey started at the young age of 16 years, since than she has explored many different aspects of this mystical world like, Numerology, 72 Angels of God, Osho Meditations, Melchizedek Method of Healing, Chakra Meditation, Breathwork, Inner Child Healing, Shamanism, Sufism, Law of Attraction and many different styles of meditations. Her passion to share her experiences and journey with other spiritual seekers has brought her to be a spiritual guide.

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