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Luca De Santis

Energy Worker and Healer
  • Luca De Santis is a healer/energy worker from Livorno, Italy and leads many spiritual retreats and experiential workshops in Europe and Asia, spreading the message of Native American traditions and the Red Path.

    Being trained as a Rebirther Breathworker by Leonard Orr (the founder and discoverer of the world-wide Rebirthing Breathwork movement) and practising the Holotropic Breathwork  with Stan Grof, Luca  has been  leading ‘Awareness Breath workshops’ for more than  15 years.

    He has been working together with a Native American Elder, Manitonquat-Medicine Story for more than 20 years, spreading the message of ‘Circle way’.
    For several years he has being travelling around Usa, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa rica, Ecuador, Perù and Brazil. (Moroc, Senegal, Australia, New Zealand).

Programs by Luca De Santis