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Subhash Chanana

Qualified & Certified NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Practitioner, Time Line Coach & Certified Executive/Life Coach, Brain wave Recursive Therapy Practitioner
  • I'm a fully qualified and experienced Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner  Coach. I have over 10 years experience and a vast knowledge on how to help my clients achieve a way of living without fears, phobias or anxiety in their lives. For more information on what I can help you with please see areas covered.

    I continue to train and research into the latest methods of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Advanced NLP, Executive & life coaching and Mindfulness techniques that will help you achieve amazing results quickly and effectively.

    You deserve to live your life without any restrictive fears, habits, anxieties or stress. My experience will help you achieve your goals, it's my passion to help my clients move forward with their lives, quickly, painlessly and effectively.

    We all have the ability for change and to live a more fulfilling life, one that is not hampered by low self esteem, limiting beliefs, habits, fears, phobias, anxiety, stress or disturbed sleep.

    Hypnotherapy & NLP will help you in so many areas-

    NLP offer effective techniques for a wide range of problems including: Unwanted Habits, Guilt, Grief, Abuse, Criticism, Shame, Stage Fright and Phobias

    NLP also offers ways to enhance self-esteem, improve relationship, become more independent, create positive motivation, eliminate allergic responses, and promote self-healing.

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