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Secrets Of Emotional Stability : Gurgaon

Workshop with Subhash Chanana
Learn small and effective NLP techniques to maintain your emotional stillness in testing situations. | 10:30 am till 5:30 pm
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NLP: Discover The Secrets Of Emotional Stability
One day workshop with Subhash Chanana

2nd July, Sunday | 10:30 am till 5:30 pm

Whether it's an insecure relationship, a chaotic work environment, or just your family driving you absolutely crazy, we all have those moments when we feel emotionally out of control and all over the place.

The core reason behind this is that our memory and the belief system is developed primarily from birth till 12 years and thus our mind is conditioned.

However, even when we feel like our emotions aren't our own, we have to remember that we still have the wheel; our minds feel what we decide they feel. With a little mindfulness and a bit of practice, being emotionally stable is achievable in any situation. Emotional stability starts from you. You need to learn to control the way you feel and not let people control it for you.

Did you wake up this morning feeling full of the joys of spring and raring to go, tired and listless, or generally grumpy? Each of those feelings represents your emotional state.

If you feel happy you tend not to think anything more about it but get on with enjoying the day. But if you are in what I might describe as a negative state, you tend to wonder what has happened to you and cast your eyes around for something or someone to blame.

The state, however, whichever one it is, did not arise because of something outside of you. It arose within you.

The good thing to know is that because the state arose inside you instead of outside you, you can do something about it.

That is to say, you can change the state. In fact, our states tend to change during the course of a day anyway, but knowing that you have the power to change is very useful.

Get simple and effective NLP tools to maintain your emotional stillness in testing situations. These techniques can be used throughout your life to effectively act on any situation that comes your way.

Benefits of this workshop:
We will work on three major areas.

1. Get rid of Painful Memories
2. Free yourself from fear and phobias
3. Achieve your dreams/goals by working on your subconscious

About Subhash Chanana

I  have been a practicing Counseling Hypnotherapy & NLP Trainer and Motivational Speaker in New Delhi. I am extremely passionate about Counseling Hypnotherapy and NLP, and want to share my skills and knowledge with others. In 2001 he was introduced to spirituality.

Born in a lower middle class family, life forced me to skip my studies and go off to work at the early age of 14 years. Life’s struggle pushed me into addiction. I had hit my rock bottom. Failure in every aspect of my life - career, relationships, health, everything was a mess; until by God’s grace I was introduced to spirituality in 2001, freeing me from addiction.

I met people who helped me learn acupressure and yoga. Life stared to be a little kind to me. I stared taking yoga classes and acupressure healing sessions. Whatever life threw in my way, I never stopped  learning and expanding myself. Now I am a certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, counselor along with other healing techniques that have come across in life. I am helping and healing people with my life experience.

Date: 2nd July, Sunday
Time: 10:30 am till 5:30 pm 

Venue: The Healing Oshun, 1972, Sector 45, Gurgaon
Contribution: Rs. 3600

Prior Registration Necessary

To know more or reserve Call: Vijayant 9773975001 or Email: gurgaon@soulcentric.in

Subhash Chanana

Qualified & Certified NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Practitioner, Time Line Coach & Certified Executive/Life Coach, Brain wave Recursive Therapy Practitioner

I'm a fully qualified and experienced Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner  Coach. I have over 10 years experience and a vast knowledge on how to help my clients achieve a way of living without fears, phobias or anxiety in their lives. For more information on what I can help you with please see areas covered.

I continue to train and research into the latest methods of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Advanced NLP, Executive & life coaching and Mindfulness techniques that will help you achieve amazing results quickly and effectively.

You deserve to live your life without any restrictive fears, habits, anxieties or stress. My experience will help you achieve your goals, it's my passion to help my clients move forward with their lives, quickly, painlessly and effectively.

We all have the ability for change and to live a more fulfilling life, one that is not hampered by low self esteem, limiting beliefs, habits, fears, phobias, anxiety, stress or disturbed sleep.

Hypnotherapy & NLP will help you in so many areas-

NLP offer effective techniques for a wide range of problems including: Unwanted Habits, Guilt, Grief, Abuse, Criticism, Shame, Stage Fright and Phobias

NLP also offers ways to enhance self-esteem, improve relationship, become more independent, create positive motivation, eliminate allergic responses, and promote self-healing.

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